Monday, April 02, 2012

Lost in the Amazon

There are so many books on my Kindle and on my bookshelves just calling for me to read them. (There's dust calling me from those bookshelves too, but that's a story of another kind!) These are the four I am reading right now:
And last but not least,
SO, what's on your bookshelf?


M.Kate said...

I would love a kindle and i know my 2nd daughter would love one too, she's an avid reader. I've caught up with the sewing bug, spent way way too much on books which are expensive. Last weekend, we had some big drama when I found out that half the bookshelf and half of my precious books were chomped and eaten away by termites (sob!) and had to be thrown away. i guess the kindle is a great replacement for books. Here's sending good vibes and positive thoughts on DH recovery. hugs and whole load of love from me :)) muah muah!!!

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