Friday, April 08, 2011

Happy Homemaker Tags for April

Welcome Swappers! Welcome spring! We've had a huge dose of April showers already this month (39 days straight!), but that's Oregon for you. It's also the reason I went with April Showers for my tag theme even though April is also National Pecan Month, National Welding Month, and International Guitar Month :)

I used a cocktail umbrella I've had in my stash for the umbrellas. The handles were little plastic swords, also from my stash. I struggled over what to use for the clouds. I fiddled with ribbon, felt, craft foam, and cotton balls. I liked the pieces of cotton balls best, but after I stuck them on with Herma dotto I didn't like the look after all. I tried to pull the pieces off but some of it stuck. That turned out to be a happy mistake because I liked it! So added enough Herma dotto to cover the top, added more cotton, then pulled it off.

To complete the rainy day theme I applied JudiKins Diamond Glaze to make a "puddle" along the bottom and over the Material Girl's galoshes. She sure looks happy holding that butterfly. Maybe she's thinking about the sunny days and May flowers to come? I know I am!