Monday, March 14, 2011

Multitude Monday

76 ~ Memories of Hawaii spraying from a bottle of Plumeria perfume

77 ~ Open hearts like Ann Voskamp's

78 ~ Ann's book, One Thousand Gifts

79 ~ Mr. & Mrs. Duck living in our ditch and eating from under our feeders

80 ~ The wide variety of birds that come to our yard: house finches, chickadees, woodpeckers, doves, hummingbirds, scrub jays, red winged blackbirds

81 ~ Clean water from the tap

82 ~ The machine that washes our clothes for me
83 ~ The machine that dries our clothes for me

84 ~ Grace upon grace

85 ~ Waking up to snow in February

86 ~ Pain medication in my cupboard

87 ~ Winter storm warnings, snow? :)

88 ~ Hard Eucharisteo that means opportunities to trust God and grow in faith

89 ~ Waking to snow. Again!

90 ~ Watching it snow with a cup of coffee from my cozy, comfy couch

91 ~ A happy phone call from Melea (no work due to snow day)

92 ~ Woke up. Again :)

93 ~ Dandruff shampoo

94 ~ Beautiful sunny, clear, crisp morning. 21 degrees!

95 ~ Abundant food choices

96 ~ Full pantry

97 ~ Full freezer

98 ~ Full fridge
99 ~ A husband who washes dishes for me

100 ~ God's comfort and strength during my dad's illness and death

101 ~ New birds at feeder, Varied Thrush

102 ~ Spring is in the air. Lord willing this will be my 56th!
103 ~ The blood shed from Christ's torn body speaking grace for me today

104 ~ The (in)courage book club

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Homemaker Tag for March

Hello, Happy Homemakers! Sorry I'm late to the swap. This picture of my dining room table gives you a hint as to why I'm late. I kept telling myself that I would clean it up so I could start fresh and make a new mess making my tags. But, by the 10th that still hadn't happened, so I decided I just needed to take the plunge, to "just do it," as they say at Nike. So I did. Right on top of all the mess you see here. I hope some of you can relate!

ere it is. I really struggled with coming up with a creative theme for March. As you can see, I lost the struggle and went with the obvious St. Patrick's Day. Did you know that March is also Deep Vein Thrombosis Month, National Eye Donor Month, and National Kidney Month? Hmmm... on second thought, maybe St. Patrick's Day wasn't such a bad choice after all!

Another thing I have been struggling with is using the little Material Girl on all of my tags. Should I, or shouldn't I? I still haven't decided for sure. Will my tags all look the same if I do, or will she tie them all together? Decisions decisions...

One thing I didn't struggle with at all was the button card. I've been anxious to use my new Button Boutique stamps from PAPERTREYinc. There are about 24 stamps in the set so the variety of button cards you can make is limitless. Perfect for Button Floozies like me! And even though I have oodles of green buttons, I "made" these myself from glittered foam shamrocks from Michaels by taking my handy dandy whole punch and punching two holes in the center of each one.

So that's my story for March. Thanks for stopping by! I'm off to the Happy Homemaker Tag Along blog so I can follow the links to your tag :) After I get some breakfast and take a shower, that is!