Monday, August 09, 2010

One Thousand Gifts

I've been thinking about miracles and blessings and serving a lot lately. I serve a big God and I want to do big things, great things for him. I think it will take a miracle for me to do great things. But I think he has been trying to show me that little things can be big things too. And sometimes the little things are miracles. I just need to keep my heart and eyes open to see them. In serving him, in serving others, the most important thing is the attitude of my heart and the amount of love that goes into it.

With those thoughts in mind I have decided to join the Gratitude Community over at Holy Experience to help keep me focused on the many blessing in my life, big & small, and just as importantly, the ways I can be a blessing to others.

holy experience

1 ~ phone calls from my daughters

2~ remembering I don't need to fix dinner tonight because there are leftovers in the fridge

3 ~ a husband who is content to eat leftovers

4 ~ a husband who loves to garden and provide fresh produce for family and friends

5 ~ quiet times spent talking to God in prayer

6 ~ quiet times spent listening to God in prayer

7 ~ the assurance that God loves me just the way I am, but isn't finished with me yet

8 ~ two stacks of lovemade pillowcases, ready to be delivered. One for Conkerr Cancer, one for my grandsons

9 ~ traveling vicariously through books all summer long

10 ~ the sound of the breeze blowing through our maple tree on a cool summer afternoon

Well, that's ten down! Only 990 more to go, lol...

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M.Kate said...

It's a great list Debbie..I especially like the ones involving DH, deep down hoping that mine will pick up some of similar traits haha :O Enjoy summer, enjoy life and be happy. Love ya !!!