Monday, August 16, 2010

Multitude Monday

The 37th anniversary of this day is August 18th, just two days away. So today for Multitude Monday, and in celebration of that long ago day, I'm going to share 37 ways my husband has blessed my life so far and one to grow on.  (The numbers start where I left off in my gratitude list.)

11 ~ Faithful to me

12 ~ Gentle

13 ~ Patient

14 ~ Makes me laugh

15 ~ Fun to be with

16 ~ Quick to say he is sorry

17 ~ Quick to forgive me

18 ~ Supports my dreams

19 ~ Always tells me to spend lots of money and have a good time when I go shopping

20 ~ Shops with me

21 ~ Loves our daughters

22 ~ Prays for our daughters

23 ~ Would give you his last dime

24 ~ Has given me his last piece of chocolate many times

25 ~ Longs to grow in faith

26 ~ Prays that others will do the same

27 ~ Cries with me

28 ~ Cries without me

29 ~ Always sees the good in others

30 ~ Has a servants heart

31 ~ Will drop what he's doing to help others

32 ~ Loves his dog and spoils her

33 ~ Spoils me

34 ~ Thinks I'm beautiful

35 ~ Laughs with and at me

36 ~ Works hard to maintain our yard and make it beautiful

37 ~ Pretends to put up with my cats but secretly loves them

38 ~ Pretends to listen country music 'for me' but secretly likes it

39 ~ Brings me flowers just because he loves me

40 ~ Feeds all the birds in our neighborhood

41 ~ Worked 30 long years to provide for his family without ever complaining (well, maybe a few times right before he retired!)

42 ~ Still works two days a week to provide for a few of our wants

43 ~ Offers to help around the house whenever he sees me working

44 ~ Took over dish washing duty when he retired

45 ~ Makes dinner one night a week, most of the time!

46 ~ Tries to listen to me even when I interrupt a program he's watching

47 ~ Buys me two candy bars when I ask for only one

48 ~ Tells me he loves me EVERYDAY!


jrrstamper said...

Well HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you 2. I love the list you made. I am so happy for the 2 of you to still be so happy and in love.

I really enjoy visiting your blog and spending time there seeing things you share and reading what you write.

I do have some fabric that should work for the pillow cases. Maybe now I can find a day that I can come over and maybe you can help me get started on them.

Paula said...

Wow! Congratulations on 37 years! What a wonderful accomplishment. Your list is so sweet. Sounds like you are both very blessed.

M.Kate said...

WOW!! Debbie, my fav post of all :) Love the picture, love that you are still together and having a good time...and finally love the full list. He is so good and I am not really sure if I can come up with such a long list for my DH :P ..and, love, love that part about shopping and spending money, now, where can anyone find someone like that!! Happy week ahead. Hugs/M