Monday, August 23, 2010

Lani nui loa!

Halau Hula O Aulani  keiki (children)
Halau Hula O Aulani dancing Maori. This one's for you Siany!
Me, Amy Hanaiali'i (one of my favorite Hawaiian music artists!), John

I couldn't go to Hawaii this year, so guess what, Hawaii came to me! I just happened to see a commercial on TV last week telling about the First Annual Umpqua Hula & the Arts Multicultural Festival. Let me tell you, my jaw dropped and my heart raced! The next day I went out and bought our tickets for both days. What a weekend it was! I didn't even know we had the renowned Kumu (hula teacher), Pekelo Day, living near our little town! Students from his halau (hula school) here in town and all over southern Oregon came to participate. He even pulled some friendship strings and brought in award winning Hawaiian music artists to perform as well! Combined with our local Kuma Sharon Smith and her halau, Halau Hula O Aulani, the dancing and music was literally non-stop for two days. Oh yeah, it was lani nui loa (very much heavenly)!


jrrstamper said...

How exciting to discover this neat event Debbie. I bet it was alot of fun for the two of you to have this little Hawaian vacation. Thanks for sharing it all with us. Keep up all the good blogging you do.

Sian Kummer said...

What a beautiful culture!! I love seeing and hearing traditional dance and song from any of the islanders! You must have had a ball!!! Gorgeous pics!

M.Kate said...

Nice! I can only dream of day I will pop over there :)

Kimmie said...

How fun! Glad you got a mini trip that was a lot cheaper too!

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Shyra said...

Such an interesting culture...was it in Douglas County? I grew up near Roseburg! Love your blog...