Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sew busy!

I made this Jane Market Bag, another lunch size bag and a couple of little wallets this week. Feels good.


rachel whetzel said...

VERY cute!! I like it a lot!!

M.Kate said...

AHA! Now we've got something in common! I have been buying tons of cloth for sewing, all piling up everywhere in my room...I have many ideas and still clueless to actually how to do it. 3 abandoned blouses as I couldn't figure out some of the finer parts of sewing etc. However, I always completes small crafts, esp bottle carriers, small pouches or bags for the children. I have been wanting to make a grocery bag as it's no plastic for saturdays here *(yaya...we are a bit slow in loving mother earth here...) and wanting to make one soon. I'll do it this weekend..hopefully it will turn out ok. Hugs........M

Kimmie said...

Oh, that is lovely. Now I really wish I could come over and we could sew together.

thanks for sharing.