Thursday, June 03, 2010

"Five fingers too"

This weekend my six year old grandson was drawing pictures of his family for a book he was writing; carefully counting out five fingers for each hand. When he came to his Bompa's (grandpa's) hands he stopped to ask me, "Do you guys have five fingers too?" Somehow I managed to answer without laughing, "Yes, grandparents have five fingers too."


M.Kate said...

So cute!!! A package came...can you guess from whom :P

I have so much to write about it..but have been on a blog hibernation for a few weeks. It's crazy schedule here PLUS, I havent sent off my package "pressure"pressure" haha! I'll kick butt myself to the post office next week...actually, need to self kick butt to do so many things. School hols out for 2 weeks, we've got some stuff lined up for the kids..and I hope I wont go bonkers spending too much time with them. I love them to takes loads of patience when the 3 stooges are bickering over who to sit where in the car, or some other unimportant stuff haha!

Love ya!!! M

Sian Kummer said...

lol thats so cute!
funnily enough, my grandfather only had 3 fingers and one thumb! He accidentally took a finger and a half off when mowing the lawn many years ago... He liked to tell us grandkids that we *bit* his fingers off!!