Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun with Color

Yeah! The sun is out today so I grabbed my camera and went outside to catch up on a couple of Picture Spring prompts. My DH is the artistic gardener in our family. These are shots of one of his gazing balls and his bottle tree.

#1 : Today seek out impossibly vibrant, vivid color.

#2: Be on the lookout for a shifting of exposure, rainbow light refractions and sunspots to name a few of the unpredictable elements of shooting directly (or nearly directly) into the light.

I thought, "Wisdom is better than foolishness, just as light is better than darkness. ~Ecclesiastes 2:13}

1 comment:

M.Kate said...

I LOVE, LOVE and LOVE these few shots! They are absolutely artistic and I was wondering when I saw the first one if you had tweaked the photo and then I saw the rest! You clever I'll go try to get the same effect..if I can. Hugs...M