Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Call me CrAzY!

Not only did I start another project today, I also set up a new blog for it. (Don't worry, M.Kate. I WILL finish your project. And Rachel, I liked your idea, but I thought it would be FUN to have another blog. Like I said, call me CrAzY!) This project involves inchies again, but this time they will be stitched. 100 of them! Lookie here if you want to play along.


M.Kate said...

Hey there :) My buddy blog..Annette from In this life, also is doing stitches and I think it's the same theme. She had gorgeous little blocks of everything which I enjoy seeing everytime. I cant start this project..it will take 10 years before it's completed :) Hugs..M

latte_grande said...

Ok, fine, YOU'RE CRAAAAZY!!! lol Off to check out your new blog!