Thursday, January 07, 2010


Hi Everybody! I'm back. I got in early the 6th. 2am Oregon time, 5am East Coast time. My internal clock is still trying to adjust from that, and the crazy hours we kept during the trip! Who knew I could get by on less than 5 hours sleep per night!

This first picture is of my fellow "Confetti Dispersal Engineers" aka: Carol (whom I've been friends with since I was four years old), Me, then Mary & Mary (whom I've been friends with since Junior High). We'd just gotten our building assignment and passes for the night.

This is the Minskoff Theater where we dispersed confetti from right above the Lion King billboard at midnight.

The next two are views of "The Ball" from atop the Minskoff.

Due to the rain, a lot of the confetti that would normally be blown back over the street stuck to the ledge and railings instead!

So glad I was up here and not...

down here!



Malissa said...

What a great experience! You guys look like you had an amazing time!

Anonymous said...
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M.Kate said...

wow! I want to be there, the last time I saw or held confetti was a godzillion years ago when we threw them at my aunt's wedding. We recently attended her son's wedding..eww..that made me so ancient LOL!!! You definitely had a fab day..pop over to this side of the pond :)