Friday, November 06, 2009

Crazy Happy Times

That's what my mom titled this picture taken years ago with my DD and SIL. I meant to post the layouts she made about her adventures as Curly the Clown last month as a kind of tribute to her on the anniversary of her death, but I've just been so busy with other "stuff" that I haven't had time to take pictures of them. I'd also intended to participate in Dia de Bloglandia/Day of the Dead the first of this month, etc., etc., etc. Oh well, we can only do so much, right? I figured this is better than nothing!

This is the journaling from her layouts:

"Once upon a time there was a funny grandma that always wanted to be a clown so she talked her daughter-in-law, Mitzi and her granddaughter, Rachel into making clown costumes and off they went to make children laugh and to the rest homes to make the old folks smile. They did this till they got bored and so they went on to other things. But it was fun while it lasted."

"My Rachel is so cute as a clown and the old folks just love her. And OH MY, what a good daughter-in-law will do for her silly ole mother-in-law."

And what I wouldn't give for more crazy happy times with you, my dear sweet mom!


Anonymous said...
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latte_grande said...

Omg, what a fabulous picture! Your mom sure sounds like she was one special lady...I'm sure all who knew her were blessed. {{{hugs}}}

M.Kate said...

That is a crazy photo but certainly happy times for sure. You mom sounds like someone who love to have fun and that's great to know, love this picture..Happy week ahead Debbie..and much love to you :)