Saturday, August 01, 2009

WoW, tWo PoSts in A rOw!

A few days ago my friend Siany tagged me on her blog. The mission, should I choose to accept, was to share what's on my Wish list. Before I could accept, I had to make a Wish list! That led me to a sleepless night last night, lol, but I finally finished it and actually had fun with it. So without further a do, (I know you can't wait to see it!) I present to you, MY WISH LIST (in no particular order):
  • I wish I could travel anywhere and anytime I want to
  • I wish I could dance the Hula and like they do on Dancing with the Stars
  • I wish my daughters and grandsons lived in my town
  • I wish I had a granddaughter. Just one.
  • I wish I could play the piano, violin, and cello
  • I wish I could fly (like a bird)
  • I wish my parents were still alive (they'd be 75 & 76 this year)
  • I wish I had a beautiful singing voice (so I wouldn't embarrass myself in church)
  • I wish I were miraculously fit & trim and could stay that way without ever having to exercise or watch what I eat
  • I wish I could relive all my happiest memories
And now, should you choose to accept the challenge, post your wish list and let me know if you do :)

Once I finished my list I continued to toss and turn wondering what picture I could use with this post, because, you know, a post without a picture is Just Wrong. I couldn't think of one but managed to finally fall asleep despite my obvious dilemma. Fortunately, while checking my Bloglines this morning, the Shutter Sisters Super Hero Challenge: Bathroom Portrait solved my dilemma! I just happened to have the Bathroom Portrait you see above from the unexpected road trip John, Josh, and I took last December to rescue Melea from the San Francisco Airport. FYI, that's the hotel bathroom. So tell me.... do you take pics in bathrooms during your travels?


jess said...

I enjoyed reading your wishlist!!

M.Kate said...

Hey, I wish to be fit and trim minus the pain associated with it :D What a wonderful wish list and I wish my dad was still alive, all he ever wanted to retire and send the grandchildren to school..I miss him terribly.

Siany said...

Isnt it hard to make a wishlist?! Theres a big difference between the little everyday things you think you want, and the things you would really wish for! Your list is beautiful - a little less materialistic than mine lol!!

DarNonymous said...

Thanks for joining in, & for leaving me a comment!
Totally agree with Sian, alot less materialistic than mine!!!
Nice pic, you soooo don't look like a grandma!
I'll be dropping by again. ;)