Saturday, August 15, 2009

Talk about talent!

This girl is amazing. I'd never even heard of sand animation before watching this on Mary Green's blog. Had you?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fall already?

It does seem to be in the air. School supplies in the stores. Halloween - even Christmas displays in some! I'm not sure I'm quite ready to leave summer behind just yet, but Stephanie just posted a heads up about this year's Dia de Bloglandia. If you're interested in participating this year it isn't too early to at least start thinking about it.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

WoW, tWo PoSts in A rOw!

A few days ago my friend Siany tagged me on her blog. The mission, should I choose to accept, was to share what's on my Wish list. Before I could accept, I had to make a Wish list! That led me to a sleepless night last night, lol, but I finally finished it and actually had fun with it. So without further a do, (I know you can't wait to see it!) I present to you, MY WISH LIST (in no particular order):
  • I wish I could travel anywhere and anytime I want to
  • I wish I could dance the Hula and like they do on Dancing with the Stars
  • I wish my daughters and grandsons lived in my town
  • I wish I had a granddaughter. Just one.
  • I wish I could play the piano, violin, and cello
  • I wish I could fly (like a bird)
  • I wish my parents were still alive (they'd be 75 & 76 this year)
  • I wish I had a beautiful singing voice (so I wouldn't embarrass myself in church)
  • I wish I were miraculously fit & trim and could stay that way without ever having to exercise or watch what I eat
  • I wish I could relive all my happiest memories
And now, should you choose to accept the challenge, post your wish list and let me know if you do :)

Once I finished my list I continued to toss and turn wondering what picture I could use with this post, because, you know, a post without a picture is Just Wrong. I couldn't think of one but managed to finally fall asleep despite my obvious dilemma. Fortunately, while checking my Bloglines this morning, the Shutter Sisters Super Hero Challenge: Bathroom Portrait solved my dilemma! I just happened to have the Bathroom Portrait you see above from the unexpected road trip John, Josh, and I took last December to rescue Melea from the San Francisco Airport. FYI, that's the hotel bathroom. So tell me.... do you take pics in bathrooms during your travels?