Friday, May 01, 2009

Totally Sidetracked =

Spending the whole morning on the internet where I found this on Keri Smith's blog:

Which reminded me of the flickr group, Faces in Places, where I found this from Georgios Karamanis' photostream:

puppy, originally uploaded by Georgios Karamanis.

Which somehow led me to my new favorite blog, New Math, where I found this on I-can't-even-remember-whose blog:

Which led me to share all that on this post!

So, what does YOU + SIDETRACKED = ?


M.Kate said...

haha! yep, totally sidetracked alright..but a wonderful discovery too. Amazing picture of the first two and the grandma part, just so cool...Hope you are having a good week..

Sandy said...

Made me smile! I have been home alot! This pushed me out the door to talk to the people. Thanks. I love New York.