Wednesday, March 18, 2009

52Q 10 and Singing Frogs

The prompt for 52Q #10 was, "Name 5 movies that inspire you creatively." On the back I wrote:
  • color
  • unusual plot
  • music
  • period piece
or a combination of the above are the reasons for my top five movie picks. Titanic and Sense & Sensibilities also come to mind.

About the frogs. There are hundreds of them in the ditch behind our house. At least it sounds like it! And I know frogs croak, not sing. But the sun is shining and their croaking is like music to my ears. It finally feels like spring is just around the corner!


latte_grande said...

Love the card, and how you used the tickets to number them! And I LOOOOVE the singing of frogs...I think I might have to record that sound so I can listen to it always. :)

M.Kate said...

I love Titanic, so romantic and gets me teary at the end. It's been such a long time since I last hear a croaking frog and you've got tons of them..yay..spring is coming...I dont know why, but I am happy..

Sandy said...

I got your cards and they are so sweet! Thankyou for the card and tea bag! It's so nice to make friends through your blog. Your at the top of my list!

Malissa said...

That is adorable! Your cards and tags are always so creative!