Monday, February 16, 2009

Read any good books lately?

Why yes, I have!

John and I both read a lot while we were on vacation. As you can see, he caught up on Harry Potter. I like to read books about Hawaii while I'm in Hawaii. Books that give me a better understanding of its people and history. Books like,
  • Moloka'i, by Alan Brennert
  • Song of the Exile, by Kiana Davenport
  • Poisoned Palms, by Dorothea N. Buckingham
And just for fun on the flight home,
  • Such a Pretty Fat, by Jen Lancaster
And just because I can't get enough of Hawaii, as soon as I got home I ordered this one from and read it right away,
  • Makai, Kathleen Tyau
(BTW all of these books are available on Amazon)


latte_grande said...

Well how cultural of you! I think that's a fabulous idea....learning more about Hawaii seems like nuthin' but GOOD. :)

M.Kate said...

Love the book The Last Empress...cant remember the writer, the book is in the usual, most reading is done there.

Rachel Monroe said...

I am just finishing Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott, (of Travelling Mercies fame) I like her. Actually, she grew up in CA like you. Thanks for your blog, I stumbled across it and love all you have to share xx

Ian said...

Well, I just read Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore, which was kind of weird, but intriguing, and Cormac McCarthy's The Road, which is rather bleak.

I'm serialzing one of my novels on my blogspot. It's called The Mongolian Girl. See what you think.