Friday, January 09, 2009

Kekaha Kai Beach

Before the crowds arrived -

After the crowds arrived -

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wildflowr said...

Hi Debbie. It is so fun to the island through someone else's eyes who looking at it with a fresh perspective. I grew up here so it is easy to take some of the special parts for granted.
I married my husband at 19- almost as young you. And now I am 27 with 3 boys (ages 7-5-almost 4). Thanks for visiting my blog & becoming my first "follower" ;)
If you'd like to check out a nice church, maybe I will see you tomorrow at mine? I go to Grace Community (up Palani road, almost to Holualoa, you take a right at the GRACE sign just after 'Kona Christian Academy')... it would be fun to meet in person.