Thursday, January 29, 2009

I haven't wanted to post because it will take me one post further from Hawaii, but my DD Rachel tagged me a couple of days ago and is waiting, so Aloha, Hawaii post.

But I'm leaving the music on!

And I'm changing the rules of the tag.

'Cause I want to.

Here are the new rules:

1. Go to the section of your computer where you store all of your photos.
2. Select the 2nd folder.
3. Select the 2nd photo from that folder:

4. Post and explain that picture:

My picture happened to be one I took for the Day in My Life project. I had and have been eating oatmeal almost every morning in an effort to lower my cholesterol. Guess what? It worked! It went down 7 points, just like in the commercial!

Despite the fact that I had my blood work done not long after eating all of these:

And the rest of the batch.

And a ton of other December goodies.

5. Tag 2 other people:

M.Kate and Malissa, now it's your turn!


rachel whetzel said...

OK. I'm happy. :P

M.Kate said...

I've got oatmeal in my kitchen but they have probably expired. I know it's healthy eating them, if i post the stuff we eat here, you'll probably faint haha!! Thanks for the tag..I will try to do it soon. Big hugs for the weekend :D