Sunday, January 11, 2009

Even in paradise it's not all sunshine and coconuts!

A huge storm blew in this morning bringing thunder and lightning with it!

The wind not only whipped the palm trees around, it also chilled me to the bone. Still, I'd rather be balancing my checkbook on our lanai in Hawaii then any place else right now.

Then it was on to Costco for groceries. Yep, even on vacation I've still gotta cook once in a while!


Claire, said...

Nice storm pictures, still beautiful-no matter. I don't mind cooking on vacation but I'd through-a-fit if I had to visit costco on vacation!

rachel whetzel said...

Loverly mom!! And it makes me very happy that we had sunshine here, while you had rain. :P

M.Kate said... was not, the coconut and sunshine all the way ..:P

Now, that looks like very strong wind, it looks as though that tree is going to be uprooted anytime. Hope the rains stop soon so you can have the beautiful sun shining :D

wildflowr said...

My husband was out in the ocean when it hit and I didn't realize how bad the storm really was- a fisherman died trying to rescue some kayakers who got stuck out at sea yesterday =(
I am so glad my husband didn't take my little ones with him fishing (he had intended to but couldn't wake them up in the morning)