Monday, December 22, 2008

WiCkeD WeAthEr!!!

It doesn't look like this here (this pics from last year), but the rest of the state is getting hammered by severe weather, so much so that the PAX has cancelled many flights. One of those flights was the one Melea was to return from Korea on today! Sooooo. Long story short. We are making the 8 hour drive down to San Francisco TODAY to pick her up when her flight arrives TOMORROW morning! I'd appreciate your prayers!


M.Kate said...

Hi there Debbie, I'll pray for the safe trip for everyone. Here's wishing you a great Christmas......remember the gym haha!!

Big hugs and much love, M

Marina Capano said...

Hello Debbie,

Amazing post and spectacular always....

Happy Holidays!

Siany said...

I hope you all had a safe trip and a safe and happy Christmas!
xx Siany