Monday, December 29, 2008

The long road to Christmas, Aloha & an award!

Josh on the road to rescue Aunt Melea from the SFO and get her home in time for Christmas.

Having some fun in the hotel room.

Back home with the Melea in her new birthday hat from Korea. I can't believe she's 27 already!

The first white Christmas ever for us in our part of the state!

Santa helping me with the dishes.

Thursday we are off to start the New Year in Hawaii! We don't have internet where we will be staying so I may be away until we get back at the end of January. I'll miss you blog friends!

Just before Christmas I received this Marie Antoinette Blog Award from my newest blog friend, Mallisa, at Sleepy Hollow Folk Art Originals. Thanks Mallisa! Now I get to pass along seven of my favorite bloggers, besides Malissa, of course! I hope you take some time to check them out. Maybe you'll make some new blog friends and add them to your favorites too :D


cindy said...

New Years in cool is that? Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas...loved Santa helpin with the dishes...LOL.

See ya in the new year! : D


M.Kate said...

Hey there Debbie, you my friend are looking good, obviously those days at the gym worked out..unlike mine, still thinking about exercising as that's all I do, think haha!!

Congrats on the award and so sweet of you to pass it on to good ol' me :D Your daughter is beautiful and very soon I think mine will grow up fast, already having heachache in pre-teen years. I think I might have to pop over for some counselling session with you..about handling teens soon :D

wow..a trip to Hawaii!! Now I am jealous jealous and a whole month there.

Happy New Year Debbie and may 2009 brings you lots of happiness and joy. Much love always, M

jess said...

**HAppy New year!!!**
Im sure you are having a GREAT TIME in Hawaii!!!
I love the photo of your little santa helper helping with the dishes!! hahaha!
And your white christmas!!! I love the lights on your house!!!!
Have an AWESOME time in Hawaii!
'Hang Loose'! uhm, or is it 'Hang Five'!!!
xoxox Jess
P.S. thank you for the gorgeous Chrissie card!!!

jess said...

P.S. Thank you for the award!!!
I love reading every one of yout blog posts!! Sorry im a bad commenter - Blame bloglines for that!!! :)