Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Week in the Life ~ Tuesday/Wednesday

OK, so I got kinda busy cleaning house today and only took one picture, and that was for Breast Cancer Awareness week. You can see it here on TallyScrapper. Below are the ones I took yesterday.

I can't believe I am posting this one of me fresh from the shower!

This one with my makeup on isn't much better! Hmmm... Maybe if I wore more than foundation and blush. Ya think?

OK, so I don't always have oatmeal for breakfast!

On my way to the gym and my housecleaning job. Notice the forced smile?


M.Kate said...

Hello there Debbie, now that's a breve post...and you look gorgeous in both! I think if i post one of me out of the might scare you and many others haha!! Your breakfast looks very healthy, cant say the same about the food we eat here. I should do one on breakfast alone and you'll know why we eat such unhealthy food here. Forced smile? same here when I do house cleaning...even more painful when it's gym time. hugs :D

Leah C said...

I think you look just beautiful and happy in both.. except for the going to the gym part. ;) I think I'll make scrambled eggs tomorrow.. with salsa for the topping. yum!

rachel whetzel said...

hmmmm I'm not having a great week... lol I might have to restart this NEXT week. LOVE the pictures you're taking!!