Monday, October 06, 2008

A Week in the Life ~ Saturday & Sunday

Saturday ~
  • 1:10 ~ Lazy rainy fall day so far. Haven't even had breakfast or lunch yet! Too busy posting about yesterday, printing pics and just generally messing around on the 'puter.
  • Make town run. Mail Christi's cards & Melea's mail. Look for Scrabble games and breast cancer papers or embellishments w/o success. Buy Oct/Nov Somerset Memories.
  • Take nap
  • Fix dinner while talking with Melea and Rachel on the phone. Rachel, Josh and Macs are coming for visit tomorrow!
  • Headache coming on. Take Excedrin PM.
  • Watch TV and skim Somerset.
  • 10:00 ~ Head to bed early.

Sunday ~
  • Still battling a headache. Decide to skip the gym after church. Besides, I want to be home before Rachel and the boys get here. Janet is coming too.
  • Church is great, as usual.
  • Have a wonderful time with Rachel & the boys. They were on their best behavior. While Rachel & I visited with Janet, they played quietly.
  • Josh wanted to look through the 3 scrapbooks I've made for him. He was so genuinely happy looking through them it melted my heart.
  • Next Macs wanted to look through the one I am working on for him. He really enjoyed it, but I feel awful that I haven't done a better job keeping up on it. Something to put at the top of my TO DO list!
  • Rachel & the boys made ATCs while I fixed dinner
  • Everyone leaves and the house is quiet again.
Sunday was the last day of this project and I kind of dropped the ball as far as taking pics and jotting notes throughout the day goes. In fact, the pictures in this post were all taken for another project. But overall I am pleased with what I've accomplished. I still want to put the pictures and notes into a simple scrapbook, but even if I don't get around to it I can always come back to my blog to remember this "Week in the Life" of me.

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latte_grande said...

Sorry you had a headache! Hope you're over it by now. Your pictures from the weekend look so similar to mine! I have a pic of Target shopping carts and the Goodwill store. Still trying to decide if I'm going to document that particular week as I didn't take any notes and Rick's grandpa passed away rather suddenly at the end of it. Do I really want to scrapbook THAT? I think I'll do another week in October instead, actually.
I got your package...thank you, THANK you! The cards are just darling!