Monday, October 27, 2008

I love Amazon... I ordered these Thursday night and they arrived today! Just thought I'd share before I head off to get inspired... Seriously, with a title like 'Taking Flight: Inspiration & Techniques to give your Creative spirit wings' I'm expecting great things! What's your favorite inspiration book?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A promise kept

Here's another layout for Macs. This one's from Halloween 2003! I did Halloween pages for Josh and Ian too. It feels good to be scrappin' again!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A layout and good news!

First the layout...

In my last post I mentioned that I felt bad for having neglected Macs' scrapbook and that I was putting "scrap for Macs" at the top of my TO DO list. As you can see I made a page for his book today. I hope he likes it!


And now the GOOD NEWS... I'm OK!

The eye doctor confirmed that the episode you may have read about here was indeed a Silent Migraine. He said it most likely will not be my last, but now that I know they are relatively harmless and painless I would gladly trade all my "normal" migraines for the silent type!

Monday, October 06, 2008

A Week in the Life ~ Saturday & Sunday

Saturday ~
  • 1:10 ~ Lazy rainy fall day so far. Haven't even had breakfast or lunch yet! Too busy posting about yesterday, printing pics and just generally messing around on the 'puter.
  • Make town run. Mail Christi's cards & Melea's mail. Look for Scrabble games and breast cancer papers or embellishments w/o success. Buy Oct/Nov Somerset Memories.
  • Take nap
  • Fix dinner while talking with Melea and Rachel on the phone. Rachel, Josh and Macs are coming for visit tomorrow!
  • Headache coming on. Take Excedrin PM.
  • Watch TV and skim Somerset.
  • 10:00 ~ Head to bed early.

Sunday ~
  • Still battling a headache. Decide to skip the gym after church. Besides, I want to be home before Rachel and the boys get here. Janet is coming too.
  • Church is great, as usual.
  • Have a wonderful time with Rachel & the boys. They were on their best behavior. While Rachel & I visited with Janet, they played quietly.
  • Josh wanted to look through the 3 scrapbooks I've made for him. He was so genuinely happy looking through them it melted my heart.
  • Next Macs wanted to look through the one I am working on for him. He really enjoyed it, but I feel awful that I haven't done a better job keeping up on it. Something to put at the top of my TO DO list!
  • Rachel & the boys made ATCs while I fixed dinner
  • Everyone leaves and the house is quiet again.
Sunday was the last day of this project and I kind of dropped the ball as far as taking pics and jotting notes throughout the day goes. In fact, the pictures in this post were all taken for another project. But overall I am pleased with what I've accomplished. I still want to put the pictures and notes into a simple scrapbook, but even if I don't get around to it I can always come back to my blog to remember this "Week in the Life" of me.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Week in the Life ~ Friday

  • Neighbor wakes me from a dream filled sleep to ask if we want to asphalt our driveway with them. WHAT THE???
  • Make appointment with eye doctor.
  • Spend hours on the computer
  • Dog pees in laundry room. Clean, but don't scold, my fault for spending hours on the computer.
  • Get call from Melea. Tell her about yesterday. Get advice from Melea.
  • 12:30 Finally eat breakfast. More oatmeal. Check the list I made yesterday of things to do today.
  • Clean some. Piddle around some. Watch the end of a movie I've seen before but can't remember the name of.
  • Get serious and clean for Red Hat group tonight.
  • DH brings me roses from the garden.
  • Set table for pumpkin carving.
  • Fix a quick Chicken Salad for dinner.
  • 7:00 - 10:00 Have fun visiting and carving pumpkins. Eat too many cookies and drink too much tea.
  • Visit with Donna after everyone else has left.
  • 11:30 - 12:15 Clean up and finish this list.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Week in the Life ~ Thursday

Oh what a day I've had! It started out innocently enough...
  • Woke up early. Weird considering I went to bed after midnight. Start coffee.
  • Showered & Dressed
  • Get breakfast. John brings in surprise from garden ~ heart shaped figs! (Well, kind of, but nothing like The Tomato!)
  • Make list for today's errands.
  • Fiddle around on bloglines.
  • Change font to pink on Breast Cancer Awareness Month avatar.
  • Post new avatar. Switch back to the one with white font.
  • Get ready for gym, cleaning, errands.
  • Get sidetracked trying to order jewelry bails on ebay.
  • Get to gym late. Skip treadmill.
This is where things began to get hairy...
  • Feel dizzy after workout. (12noon) Vision not right. Think there's a floaty in my eye.
  • Go to car. Vision is worse. Now I can't read the October flyer from the gym. The words look pixilated and jumpy. Kind of like I'm looking through a kaleidoscope.
  • Call Doctor. Not in. Call John. At meeting. Decide to drive to the eye doctor.
  • Vision gets worse! Feels like I am looking through a tunnel of twinkly lights. Think I may pass out.
  • Pull over and try to call Donna for help. Not home.
  • Really feel like I am going to pass out. Try to call 911 but screw it up a few times, just like in a dream! Finally I succeed.
  • 911 lady decides to send an ambulance.
  • Waiting for the ambulance my vision begins to clear. Just a few twinkles in my lower right eye.
  • Fire department arrives first. Now my vision is fine! Ambulance arrives next.
  • They take me inside the laundromat to check my BP, Pulse, Oxygen, etc. Everything seems fine. They leave. I make a few calls to let everyone know I am OK. (1:40)
  • Head off to my cleaning job. Stop to get a fish sandwich and start feeling not normal again. Vision starts going wacky. Again.
  • Decide to skip cleaning and head on home.
  • Sit around wondering what the heck is going on!
  • 2:10 Vision seems fine. Again.
  • 3:15 vision blurry. Again.
  • 4:00 Fine again.
  • Whine to John about my day. Have him take me to store to finish errands. Justify buying another book I do not need because I've had such a crumby afternoon :)
  • 7:38 Still fine. Hope it stays that way!

Thanks guys for your concern! I just want you to know that I am still fine. I have an appointment with the eye doc the 7th and my GP on the 20th. In the mean time I have talked with family and friends, searched the web, and diagnosed myself with Silent Migraine. You can read all about it
here, or the part I borrowed below.

Silent migraine is one name for a type of migraine attack that doesn't include a headache.
As strange as it may sound, it's actually not all that unusual. Over the years, silent migraine has gone by other names, including acephalgic migraine, sans-migraine, migraine equivalent, eye migraine, visual migraine, ocular migraine, painless migraine or simply migraine aura without headache. Today it's usually called migraine aura without headache. Migraine aura is a term used to describe many of the other symptoms that go along with migraine, but it's usally referring to visual symptoms. This might include zig zags or flashing lights, (like I had!) or having dizziness or vertigo...

Interestingly, migraine aura without headache more often occurs later in life, and more often in men that in women.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Week in the Life ~ Tuesday/Wednesday

OK, so I got kinda busy cleaning house today and only took one picture, and that was for Breast Cancer Awareness week. You can see it here on TallyScrapper. Below are the ones I took yesterday.

I can't believe I am posting this one of me fresh from the shower!

This one with my makeup on isn't much better! Hmmm... Maybe if I wore more than foundation and blush. Ya think?

OK, so I don't always have oatmeal for breakfast!

On my way to the gym and my housecleaning job. Notice the forced smile?