Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gaudy Retro Goodness!

My friend Donna showed me her copy of this book and I just had to get myself a copy. I'll admit to being hesitant at first. I certainly didn't need another book! Especially not another craft book! But after a couple of weeks of should I shouldn't I, I finally gave in and bought it yesterday. In my defense, I did use my JoAnn's 40% off coupon. I spent the whole evening reading and thoroughly enjoying! It was nine bucks well spent. Cheaper than popcorn & a movie.

It's obvious the author, Suzie Millions, loves retro crafts and her enthusiasm is catching!
She defines retro crafts as "of a different era, handmade, heartfelt." You probably have some or even made some at one time. Do any of these sound familiar? Beer can hats, birdhouses, cigar band collage, coconut art, decoupage, folded wrappers, hooked rugs, junk sculpture, lanyards, shell art, sock monkeys, etc., etc.?

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