Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Favorite Childhood Toys Party

Scrappy Jessi is hosting this party over on her blog. I love blog parties, so even though I arrived late to this one, I am happy to play along!

This little sweetheart belonged to my mother when she was a little girl. That would make him about 70 years old. You can see that she literally loved him to pieces! Since I collect and make teddy bears, she gave him to me one Christmas years ago.

A true bear story...

All my other bears were excited to have a celebrity in their den. Though he never would, I'd told them of his heroic experience in the cotton fields of New Mexico years ago when he was just a cub. As usual, he had gone there with my mother and her parents. While they picked cotton, Bear and my mom would entertain each other on the bails and in the fields. One fateful day, unbeknownst to any one but Bear, he was left behind in the fields. That is, until the little girl needed him to comfort her at bedtime! Bear was prepared to spend a lonely night in the dark cold fields, but he was brave and confident he would be found in the morning. The little girl was not so brave. She needed Bear there with her. Lucky for her, her father was tenderhearted and set out to search for Bear with only the light of his lantern to guide him. Oh how Bear wished he had a proper mouth so he could call out to the father! But before long he was found not far from the path and returned safely to the loving arms of his little girl.

{In Loving Memory of my mom. She would have turned 74 today}


Scrappy Jessi said...

AAHH, what a special bear.
he looks very loved.
glad you could join in!

Stephanie said...

What a terribly sweet post! Terrific pictures of your special little friend, too! Wonderful memories. Stop by & visit my toys when you get a chance!

Angelic Accents

Lolly said...

How wonderful!

bluemuf said...

What a lovely post. The story and the bear is wonderful


mendytexas said...

I had so much fun reading your post! Your bear is precious!

Dianne said...

Like the Velveteen Rabbit in bear form! I'm glad your grandfather was so tender hearted. : )

Sherry said...

Dianne beat me to it. My first thought when I saw the bear was my favorite story, "The Velveteen Rabbit". That little bear looks so loved!! It makes you wonder how many stories and tears and joys that little bear has stored away in his stuffing.

fated follies studio said...

your bear is so sweet and thanks for the sweet story.


Sherry/Cherie said...

What a lovely story and what a well loved bear -- made all the more special for you because it has been handed down from your mother. Beautiful.

Alisa said...

What a sweet story and what a wonderfully loved bear! Thanks for sharing.

Marina Capano said...

Fall in love with bear! so so so cute!!! xoxoxooxoxo
by the way I put new banner in english, but I made change but it was bad! see you soon y porsupuesto in the Virtual Party!!! chau!

jess said...

That teddy bear is GORGEOUS!!!! How special!!!
Xx Jess