Sunday, March 30, 2008

7 rAnDom ThinGs

One of my all time favorite bloggers and scrappers, Kelli Crowe, tagged me the other day. I was so excited, but I've been avoiding doing my 7 rAnDom ThinGs. I think it has to do with being a perfectionist with a split personality and feeling rather boring! For example:

#1 - I LOVE reading random things about other people, but I HATE writing them about myself.

#2 - I LOVE it when people I've yet to meet leave comments on my blog, but I feel like a STALKER when I leave comments on theirs.

#3 - My husband retired recently and I LOVE having him home all the time, but I HATE having him home all the time. (Sorry, hon, if you are reading this! I really DO love you! I just miss my me time.)

#4 - I LOVE it when my scrap room is organized and ready for a creative moment to strike, but it usually looks like this:

#5 - I LOVE rainy days, but I also LOVE sunny days. (Not hot ones though.)

#6 - I LOVE it when the days get longer near the end of winter, but I also LOVE it when the days get shorter near the end of summer.

#7 - I LOVE the smell of beer, but can't stand the taste.

See what I mean? If you've read this far and want to share 7 rAndOm ThinGs about yourself, consider yourself tagged!


Jan said...

I can so relate to the split personality!! Love that Kelli tagged you!!

Chris said...

I LOVE that you have a pink keyboard on your laptop! I have a pink laptop, but only on the cover.

Leah C said...

How totally cool that K.Crowe tagged you!! I'm just way envious here :) Loving your random facts.. and that PINK keyboard!

Christi said...

How awesome that you were tagged by Kelli! I love your random things, and reading them makes me miss you 'cuz I can SO hear you saying them, lol!

PS~You can comment on my blog ANY time...I promise I won't think of you as a stalker, k?

Robin (Tqmnurse) said...

HOW COOL is it to be tagged by Kelli!!! WOOHOOOO...that so rocks....I also love your 7 random things.....mainly because, sounds just like me...but I'm taking a chance and leaving you a little note and praying you don't think of me as a stalker...LOL....
Robin (tqmnurse) from tally

MANDY said...

I am with you on several of these, absolutely #2! I'll be back to check out your blog.

Mandy, AKA cropalicious @ Tallyscrapper

Rachel Whetzel said...

I love it!! LOVE it. Those are good and yummy randomness!!