Monday, September 17, 2007

This made my day!

What a nice surprise I was met with at my snail-mail-box today! My cyber friend, Jess, sent me this thank you card with a sweet thank you note inside thanking me for...

That's what I sent her for the Pay It Forward swap. She's already thanked me through email and on her blog. I never imagined I'd be getting snail-mail too! The internet is great, that's how we "met", but what a thrill to hold that letter from Australia in my very own hands. Who knew? Thanks Jess!


Nunnie's Attic said...

While I love the ease of email and the internet and all things modern, there's something to be said for a hand-written thank you. I long for the days when letter-writing was an art and dinner was an event!


Rachel Whetzel said...

TOOO cool, mom! Even I didn't do that! lol

jess said...

Im so glad it made you happy!! I hope it made you as happy and your beautiful PIF gift made me!!!
have a great day!!!
Xx Jess

Shell said...

Wow! What a BEAUTIFUL gift! It's absolutely amazing!!!