Monday, July 30, 2007

Deck of Me Challenge #29 ~ Define Perfection & Challenge #28 ~ Goal of the Week

For this challenge, Define Perfection, I borrowed this quote from Rachel's blog. It's so me. I struggle with perfectionism, and while my CD's aren't in alphabetical order (I organize them by genre, lol), I do often lose my creative self in the process. Not good. So I am trying to get over this inner drive to have everything perfect. This Deck of Me project has been a great help. I am experimenting with new techniques, but instead of starting over when I am not satisfied with the result (like with this one), I just leave it and consider it a step in my "recovery".

"Finished is better than perfect." ~unknown

This is my card for the Goal of the Week challenge. This was a no brainer since my grandson was spending the week with me and I planned on spending all my time with him. (That's also my excuse for still being behind on my cards!)

The interesting thing about this card is that I did not like it until it was finished. The entire time I was working on it I was tempted to toss it out and start over, but I made myself keep going and I'm so glad I did!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My house is a disaster, but...

I got to have this guy at my house for four weeks! We went to the movies, watched the first season of My Name is Earl and the second season of Lost on DVD. We went horse back riding on the coast, slept in a tent in the backyard. Roasted marshmallows and ate s'mores. Played Balderdash by moon and tiki light. Went to Graffiti Night downtown. And for walks. And talked. And I made him this while he was here.

Next I got to have this guy for one week. We baked cookies and picked blackberries. Put two puzzles together and a Lego Starwars battleship. We went to the movies, took walks to the school playground. We roasted hot dogs, s'mores and marshmallows. Stayed up late and slept late. And I made him this while he was here.

This one is still too young to vacation at grandma's, but we still had fun playing in the sprinklers. Maybe next summer he'll be ready to spend a few days...

Somehow I also managed to added these to my list of books I've read this summer, but I have the sneaky feeling I am forgetting one...
  • The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini
  • The Thong Also Rises, Jennifer Leo
  • Sand in My Bra, Jennifer Leo
  • Home Town Tales, Philip Gulley

Last, but not least; yesterday I drug this out of the garage, washed it off, filled up the tires and went for a bike ride. Hopefully it was only the first of many.

This is a picture of me (and the fam) when the bike was new. That was 19 years ago!

This was me after my ride yesterday! Whew, am I ever out of shape!

Oh! One more thing. I saw this Pay it Forward on Vintage Pleasure. It sounded like so much fun I that decided to do it here. Here's the deal:

I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week… LOL… but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Filled with love...

This almost always happens when Josh and I make Chocolate Chip cookies. We just laugh, take a picture, and move this...
and this...
and this....
I mention to Josh that we make a good team.

He says,

"We're supposed to work like a team

or else we won't make perfect cookies

filled with love..."

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Deck of Me Challenge #27 ~ Junk mail

This challenge: use your junk mail, was provided by Ali Edwards. Hunting through mine I was at a loss, until I spotted this cute little hound. It happened to be the hottest day of summer so far (102 degrees!), so "the dog days of summer" was my immediate first thought. After searching for the right words to describe some of the things I love about summer, I looked up the "the dog days of summer" in a book called, Common Phrases and Where They Come From. It was a serendipitous moment when I read this:

The Romans called them canicula res dies, which translated into "the dog days," or the hottest days of the summer.

According to Roman beliefs, Sirius, the dog star of Roman astrology and the brightest star in the sky for a period of weeks (from July 3 to August 11), rose daily with the sun. Along with the sun Sirius shone brightly throughout "the dog days." So the intense heat during this period was ascribed not only to the hear of the sun but to the intense brightness of the dog star as well.

I plan on using the definition in my journaling on the back. Perfect, huh?

Friday, July 06, 2007

Simple summer goodness

John took this picture of my grandsons and me chillin' in our dog Nani's little wading pool. Strange Cairn Terrier, she LOVES the water! The boys, Nani, and I had just finished a three hose water fight. Our poor neighbors - we made quite a racket with all the laughing and barking! Ah, but what sweet memories we were making...

{That man is happiest who lives from day to day and asks no more, garnering the simple goodness of a life. ~ Euripides}

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Deck of Me Challenge #26 ~ Daughters

I love this picture of my mom and me. (I'm guessing I was five or six when it was taken) I was so proud of the matching Easter outfits she had made for us! Looking at this picture stirs up so many thoughts and emotions. This prompt was the perfect opportunity to record some of that. The journaling inside the mini file says,

"My mom loved me unconditionally. She always saw the best in me. She always encouraged, but never pushed me. She saw the beauty in simple things. Loved nature. Adored my dad and mourned for him until the day she died. Loved God and is with Him and my dad in heaven. Was a big dreamer and a dream maker. Was outgoing and fun to be around. Always made time for family and friends. Filled our home with music, beauty, comfort and love. Lived artfully and created art. Loved acting, singing, gardening, sewing, painting, trying new things and living. When someone tells me I am just like her I couldn't be prouder!"