Sunday, April 29, 2007


Blog Fairy here...
Just flying in to let you know that Debbie's computer is sick, and quit working for her while she was in her trip to Hawaii. Some MIGHT say it's Karma for not taking her DAUGHTER RACHEL with her, other's might say it's just plain the pits.
Whatever YOU call it, she wishes that she could be on here rubbing in -I mean- SHARING her trip with you all! Until her computer gets back from the computer Dr, she won't be on to talk to you. Please don't give up on her! She will be back soon. She is safe, and home, and getting back into the swing of everyday.

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Livvy U. said...

Dear Debbie - it must be driving you crazy, being home with no computer! But somehow you're managing to get about in the blogosphere, I note - thanks for your comment. It's lovely to have your dulcet, wise tones back again. Good luck with your new living situation
Livvy x