Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fun finds

I love to spend time looking through shops full of old stuff from days gone by. I tend to get lost in thought as I wonder about the history of items that catch my fancy or how I can use them in my own home. This trip I was specifically looking for something to put sucanat in. Something previously loved and cheaper than something new. The little red tin with the humming bird on it is just the right size for the bag I bought and it was only $3! And it's from England. Cool. BUT, I also got these:

The tin tea pot. It's a room thermometer and has two hooks on the bottom that I am using for hot pads.

The little tea cup. I collect them just in case I have a granddaughter someday (or not)!

The little cloth bag repurposed from a pillow case with needlework near the opening.

Two vintage apron patterns. I recently started collecting vintage aprons so they were a happy find.

The red clock. Love old clocks too. This one is made for the kitchen and has a timer, but I'm using it in the spare room.

The little angel with the animals. She's just a plastic Christmas tree ornament, but so sweet. I put her in a cabinet with a collection of tiny painted glass animals my mother collected. Shame on me though, I had bought it for my hubby to put with his bonsai trees!

Last, but not least, are all the fun things I found for scrapping and my Deck of Me cards:

An old photo of a mother and her four daughters

an old advertisement ruler

an old tin clipboard from the Farmer's Union

an old "Time Book Weekly" previously owned by Eupha Johnson. It's a ledger book for keeping track of hours worked. The hourly wages start at 25 cents and go all the way up to a whopping 2 dollars per hour!

So, my $3 tin ended up costing me over $40! Has this ever happened to you? Uh huh, I thought so. What is your favorite place to do some retail therapy?


Rachel Whetzel said...

I like them just as much here on line as I did in real life! That clock is MINE, baby. I love it! LOL


Crystal said...

I LOVE your Deck of Me Cards!! They are so cute and it's so interesting to find out more about you. TFS We walked by a collectibles store in downtown Vancouver last week but it was closed. Judging from the window displays, I'm sure there were some incredible finds inside! Hopefully next time I can scoop it out. You are inspiring me, Girl!

Her Vintage Stage said...

Isn't it fun looking for those rare and unique items? I love them all. Sandy