Sunday, February 25, 2007

Deck of Me Challenge #8 ~ Who or what do you miss?

YES! I'm on a roll... three cards in one day. My scrap room is a royal mess, but, hey....

My first thought for this challenge, Who or what do you miss?, was the obvious one. I miss my mom. But I wanted to do something more light hearted and immediately thought of being pregnant. That was thirty-something years ago. Before I took gazillions of pictures. But I did find this one that I am pleased with even though it's a bit blurry.

Deck of Me Challenge #7 ~ Shoes

I did it! I'm caught up ~ for now! This challenge was: Shoes. There is always a story to tell.

Deck of Me Challenge #2 ~ What is powerful to you?

I'm still doing a little catch up. This is from week two, What is powerful to you?

For the artsy side of my card I cut out words from a dictionary that represent both positive and negative choices. Then I decoupaged them to the card with the positive choices on the left and the negative choices on the right. The little girl with the flower pot is a stamp from Kidstamps. The flower I punched from the dictionary and stamped with Tattered Rose Distress Ink.

Now I am off to work on last weeks challenge. Hopefully I will get all caught up this week. But, even if I do, who knows how long that will last. Haha.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ptrety Aimanzg!

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fun finds

I love to spend time looking through shops full of old stuff from days gone by. I tend to get lost in thought as I wonder about the history of items that catch my fancy or how I can use them in my own home. This trip I was specifically looking for something to put sucanat in. Something previously loved and cheaper than something new. The little red tin with the humming bird on it is just the right size for the bag I bought and it was only $3! And it's from England. Cool. BUT, I also got these:

The tin tea pot. It's a room thermometer and has two hooks on the bottom that I am using for hot pads.

The little tea cup. I collect them just in case I have a granddaughter someday (or not)!

The little cloth bag repurposed from a pillow case with needlework near the opening.

Two vintage apron patterns. I recently started collecting vintage aprons so they were a happy find.

The red clock. Love old clocks too. This one is made for the kitchen and has a timer, but I'm using it in the spare room.

The little angel with the animals. She's just a plastic Christmas tree ornament, but so sweet. I put her in a cabinet with a collection of tiny painted glass animals my mother collected. Shame on me though, I had bought it for my hubby to put with his bonsai trees!

Last, but not least, are all the fun things I found for scrapping and my Deck of Me cards:

An old photo of a mother and her four daughters

an old advertisement ruler

an old tin clipboard from the Farmer's Union

an old "Time Book Weekly" previously owned by Eupha Johnson. It's a ledger book for keeping track of hours worked. The hourly wages start at 25 cents and go all the way up to a whopping 2 dollars per hour!

So, my $3 tin ended up costing me over $40! Has this ever happened to you? Uh huh, I thought so. What is your favorite place to do some retail therapy?

Fun stuff

Is this not too cute? I saw these on Teresa McFayden's blog, {My MiNuTia} She was nice enough to share the link to this site if you want to make your own.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Deck of Me Challenge #6 ~ Love, love, love and #1 ~ What are you proud of?

In honor of Valentine's Day the challenge for week six is: Love, love, love

This is my catch up card for week one's challenge: What are you proud of?

Next week I hope to post my last catch up card, "What is powerful to you?", along with the week seven challenge. I can't believe it is almost time for that! This has been sooo much fun and just what I needed to get creating again! I know I have said that before, but it is so true!

Thanks to everyone who is taking a looksie and leaving comments. I sincerely appreciate your encouragement!

Happy Valentine's Day

There is nothing half so sweet in life as love's young dream. ~ C.C. Moore

Sunday, February 11, 2007


We sang this song called Open by Jason Morant in church today. Wow. It spoke to my heart so directly and personally. It makes we want to live more transparently, more honestly. I want to think on this one long and hard...

It's time for something more real
than all these words.
While the least of these are broken and dying
we count the pearls in our purse.
It's time to live in love.
It's time to live in love.

So open up your doors let the son shine out into
the night you're hiding from, let your hearts
bleed with love because when all is said and
done love's the only voice that's heard.

With all that we've been given and all we hold
to be true we've thrown away the one key that
unlocks the door we ourselves crawled
It's time to live in love.
It's time to live in love.

Open up your doors let the son shine out into
the night you've been hiding from, let your hearts
bleed with love because when all is said and
done love's the only voice that's heard.
So let your love be heard.

Silver and gold have we some but is that
enough to buy a single soul a ticket home?
Silver and gold have we some but is that
enough to buy a single soul or our own way to
the throne?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Deck of Me Challenge/Week Five & Three

I am so hooked on these challenges! Fun, fun, fun. What a great way to get those old creative juices flowing, try out some new techniques, and document a bit about yourself that may not need a whole page to do the job! My Ephemera card says: My New Fave

I am so happy with the way this "I am" card turned out. The technique was new to me and loads of fun.

If you haven't started these challenges yet I only have one thing to say, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?" Oh, and did I mention it's fun?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Special Delivery

The baby in this picture needed a picture of her birth for an assignment at school. Since we weren't there when she was born I sent her this picture and several others from the day she was "delivered" to us at the airport in April of 1982. My brother came with us and took lots of pictures to document her special delivery. I especially like this one because it captures the love surrounding our youngest daughter, Melea. Rachel looks so happy to finally become a big sister and John & I were so happy that our little family was now complete.