Friday, January 05, 2007

Resolved: Eat more cat food

Just like with kids, when it gets too quiet you go looking for the dog. So, the other day when I was eating breakfast and noticed the lack of begging by said dog I went looking for her. I found her resting innocently in her kennel. Very unusual for Nani, but nice. She even stayed in there for the rest of the morning. Nicer still. The next day, similar story, different ending. For some reason I decided to look into her kennel and this is what I found:

Apparently she has decided to add canned cat food to her diet! Somehow she had managed to get her paws on these two sample cans that came with Bob and Sport's dry food, open them, and eat ALL of it!

{We conquer-not in any brilliant fashion-we conquer by continuing. ~ George Matheson}

1 comment:

Rachel Whetzel said...

Can you just imagine her in that kennel the first day..... "If I sit REAAAALLY still, and look REAAAAALLY sweet, maybe she won't look in my kennel...."