Sunday, January 14, 2007


The cute little pirate in the first layout, Cap'n Macs Morgan, was born on National Talk Like a Pirate Day. For his 3rd birthday his mom, Mad Ethel Cash, and dad, Pelican Pete, threw him a party any pirate wannabe would be proud of. There was a pirate ship to play in, buried treasure to dig for, and lots of pirate loot for all his little mates, like big brother Josh, Salty Dog.


Rachel Whetzel said...

Travis says you need to re jounal and when you do, be sure to mntion pelican PETE! He WAS the Cpt.'s first mate, you know! LOL

I LOVE the layout. You did a great job! I think I'm gonna have to steal this one from you!

AKA Mad Ethel Cash

queendebbee said...

Anything for the SIL!

Rachel Whetzel said...

LOL I should also mention that the BLACK EYE that Josh has is Makeup! LOL