Monday, December 18, 2006

No kidding!

Just the other day I heard that some 'study' found that women experience much more stress than men during the holiday season. DUH! Then today I read a funny, funny post about Mothers and Christmas and stress on Stacy Julian's blog called Funny, Funny Mother! I tried to copy and paste it for you to read here. No luck. So, click here, go read it, and have a good laugh! I'm sure you deserve it...


Tracy said...

I laughed my head off when I read that! I'm at the "see mother take a tranquilizer stage," how about you?! : )

queendebbee said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Tracy. It's much more fun to post when you know you aren't just talking to yourself!

In the midst of all the Christmasy stuff to do, I had to have a root canal on Monday! That went well, but, now I have a headache that I just can't shake...


a little about me and my life said...

Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.
And I read your blog all the time you are not talking to yourself!!!!
That is just too funny.
Love Stacey!
I wish you the best Christmas ever.

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