Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas Traditions?

I must have some......right? Everyone does...... right? For example,
  • We always cut our own tree......Except that two years ago I bought the purple (yes, purple!) fake tree in the picture because that was the year I turned 50 and started a Red Hat chapter to help ease me through the pain. This year it's back to fresh!
  • I always put the outdoor lights up early......Except last year. They didn't go up until Christmas Eve!
  • I have a huge collection of eclectic ornaments, each one with it's own special memory. I love reminiscing as I put them each up every year.....Except for the two years we had only red and purple ornaments on our purple fake tree!
  • When the girls were little we'd always go to my parent's house Christmas day.......Except the year we spent Christmas with their other grandparent's in Arizona.
  • We always eat Christmas dinner at home......Except for the year we ate at a casino!

You get the idea. I am tempted to say that our Christmas tradition is to not have a tradition, that every year is different and we just go with the flow. With two nurses in the family, and now a police officer, we've certainly had to do a lot of that over the years. But, somehow, each year Christmas remains remarkably unremarkable. The same old decorations, with maybe a new one or two. The same old Christmas music, with maybe a new CD or two. The same old family, with maybe a new member from time to time. The same old chaos with so many bodies in one small space, with some friction and peace thrown in for good measure from time to time. The same old stories told year after year. Is it full of traditions? Yes and no. Is it easy? No. Is it perfect? No. But you know what? I like it that way. And that never changes!


Rachel said...

Our Traditions have had to change with the times, but the core ones are there... with new ones added in, and some that won't work set aside until they will again. But the frame work and foundation of our traditions are there. You just don't realise how there they really are.... Love you!


Kelsey Brae said...

Those snowmen are creepy!

yeopmi said...
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