Monday, November 06, 2006

Is the Blog Fairy really the Blog Police?

This is where the other half of this two page "Christmas Memories" layout should be. I was having so much trouble with it and I'd just received a note from the Blog Fairy tsk tsking me for taking so long to post after she'd done it for me, that I decided to just skip it rather than skip this whole post! I'm afraid what she might do if I don't post soon. Shut down my blog?! Even though I'm not as prolific, articulate, creative or funny as a lot of bloggers out there, I, for one, and possibly the only one, would miss my blog!


Rachel said...

You wouldn't be the only one.... I'd miss it too. I like having this connection with you! Love the LO! can't wait to see the rest.


PS~ I got a could not deliver message when I tried to respond to your email. I didn't get the first one, but I got the second. wierd.

Crystal said...

Obviously I have been neglecting your blog because I didn't even know that you had a birthday, many long days ago! Sorry!! Hope you are having an awesome year and I'm glad you are finding time to visit daughters, grandkids and create!

tammy kay said...

Update on the blog.
My hubby wanted a blog of his own( isn't that cute!) and so I had to close mine and open a new one so the URL would not have CraftyMama in it. I don't understand Why. Ha. So now it is
Hopefully this is the last of the last time it will change.
But I just did this and so it will take me forevea to get it going again. Just wanted to let you know that I was still around.

tammykay said...

p.s. I just love how great it is that you and your daughter share this scrapbooking bound. It gives me so much hope with my Karigan.