Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sentimental Shoes

This is my picture for the the challenge on Crystal Krueger's blog, Be the Change You Want to See. Visit her blog to see her photo and the story behind the shoes that inspired her challenge.

When I read it I immediately thought of these shoes. I've had them since 2002 when I bought them for the trip I took to Italy with my mom. I love them because they are soooo comfortable, but more importantly, I love the memories they bring to my mind about that special time with my mom before she died. And the trip to Hawaii with John after he recovered from his stroke. And the church mission trip to Guatemala. And the trip to Korea with Melea. So many memories! But I noticed this summer that they are really getting worn out. I should get a new pair. Should, but, probably won't...


Crystal said...

HI, Debbie!!! I love what you wrote about the shoes - thanks for taking the challenge! Good luck on replacing them and making new memories along the way.

Rachel said...

I wouldn't replace them so much as maybe RETIRE them. Wear them for new memory making events. and then let them sit in between. I love you!