Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Do you or don't you

use them? Lotions that is. I do. I guess you could say it was destiny. My mom used them on me when I was a baby and I used them on my babies.

I can't not use them. I get all itchy if I don't, and besides, they smell so good.

My mom used good 'ole Jergens for as long as I can remember. Me, my favorites vary from year to year and with the seasons. Fresh flowery and fruity scents in the summer and spring. Warm yummy scents in the winter and fall. Right now my favorite is, Simply Basic Sun-kissed Plumeria from Walmart.

So, do you or don't you? And what's your fave?

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Rachel said...

I got adicted to the BUYING of the lotions, but I'm not near as good about the USING of the lotions as YOU are, mom. I tend to go straight for the yummy. Not so much the flowery. Funny thing is, that there are certain perfumes I really like bacause they smell like gramma. I think she had a certain "taste" in scents too. I like Emz Blenz the best. No other lotions feel right to me.