Sunday, August 27, 2006

alive and living...

It is always my intention to blog frequently.

Butcha know what happens?


That's right, life happens.

That's a good thing really.

I'm happy to be alive and living.

I just wish I had time to do all the stuff I want and need to do and blog frequently...

1 comment:

Rachel said...

NO NO NO NO. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for you not blogging. LIFE!? LIFE?!?!
Whatever, dude.
I know you are really just avoiding me. That you are just trying to see how many times a day your counter will go up because I checked, and you didn't blog.
Sheesh. What a way to avoid your DAUGHTER.
BLOG, baby! BLOG! I don't CARE what else you do! I wanna read what you put up here! LOL
just kidding!
I love you! and I'll take whatever you can do while you're not out LIVING....