Sunday, July 23, 2006

Totally Scraplifted, well, mostly...

Believe it or not I wasted two whole days on this! Yikes. But, it was fun. And nice to be scrapping. (Since a headache ruined most of last week and a cold ruined the week before that!) My printer must need new ink because the photo was supposed to be black and white so I could use any colors I wanted with it. I like the red, but it defeated the purpose. Anyhoo,
why two days? Because I wasn't happy with the way it turned out the first time. I didn't like the colors I used for the 'thoughts' coming out of my head, and it seemed incomplete. Then I saw a layout that had the crown, scrolls, checkered doodles down on the border, a large letter in the journaling area, and three stars at the bottom of it. So... I changed the color of my 'thoughts' and added the other embellishments. Was it a waste of time? Maybe. But, I'm much happier with my layout now.

What a crazy week I had. I went to Rachel's Monday and spent the night. The boys had a great time dancing on the bed for me in morning! So much energy! Wish I could tap some of it. After we did some power cleaning, Rachel and I went to lunch at Mon Ami in Florence. I was looking forward to having Tea, but found out we needed reservations for that. I did get a pretty sterling silver sugar tong. Cost a pretty penny too. But they are hard to find so I didn't want to pass it up. Hmmm, maybe I should check out eBay for more...

I set out for home at 4:00. Still had the headache I woke up with. In fact, I had the darn thing four whole days! I didn't get anything done the whole time. Now we are in the middle of a HEAT WAVE and boy is it HOT. 100 plus degrees. 78 degrees inside with the AC running non stop. Made it to church this morning, but staying indoors as much as possible.

Speaking of church. I love that place! It is one of my happy spots. I love our worship team. Jamie and Josh led it today. I could listen to them forever. They have voices like angels. I can't sing one little itsy bitsy bit, but I love to sing. The songs the team choose always help me focus on God, and when I focus on him I'm filled with peace and joy.

{To keep your lovely face ever before my eyes, this is my prayer, make it my strong desire: that in my secret heart no other love competes, no rival throne survives, and I serve only you. ~Graham Kendrick/Thank You Music}


Lady Rosebudd said...

Debbie, Wow...scraping looks like such fun...and ADDICTING!? uh oh
Love your posts! Geeeez, you could just surf all day tho! I checked with Chicken one posts there...:((

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