Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Summer in My Garden

Yesterday I finished planting in the garden and this morning I took a bunch of pictures. I was having trouble locating them to load them through Blogspot and Picasa wouldn't let me load more than four, so I'll have to add more later.

This pretty Hibiscus must have liked the spot I picked for her because she bloomed this morning.

This funny little guy sits on my patio table and waves to me every time I look out the kitchen window.

Both John and I like whimsy, so you'll find a lot of little suprises hidden, and not so hidden, in our garden.

This is the view from a little sitting area hidden beneath our Flowering Plum and Douglas fir trees. Before the FP, we had two Douglas firs. We planted them in the early 80's when the girls were little. Ian and I kept cool on a blanket here when he was little. I was so heartbroken when one of them died a few years ago. We replaced it with the FP and fortunately it has grown quickly and provides us with shade and this lovely view. Posted by Picasa

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