Monday, July 10, 2006

Freestyle Challenge #11

Zina's challenge was to scrap in a way that is totally different from your usual style. I don't really have what I would call a style. I scraplift quite a bit, (although I do come up with some cool ideas of my own once in awhile!) therefore my pages tend to be pretty eclectic. I suppose if I looked close enough I would find a trend... I am a very slow scrapper and think way too much about every little choice to make. So... for this challenge I decided to try and not think so much. to just do it! And ya' know what? I'm pretty pleased with the results. I actually made this 8x11 LO for Macs last night and another similar 12x12 LO for me this morning. There is more journaling on mine. It says:

"Why Not?" is a slogan for an interesting life. I don't know who wrote that, but I like it and I like that Macs likes it. Well, he's never even heard it actually. But, he KNOWS it, and he LIVES it. I think I may have known it too, when I was young, but, somewhere along the way to "grown up" I forgot it. The "Not". I began to ask "Why?" instead, and I started to worry about what people might think. Thanks, Macs, for reminding me to ask "Why Not?"

This weeks Freestyle Challenge is to speed scrap. Set the timer for an hour and just let go and do it. Except for the timer thing it sounds a lot like what I did for #11. ASAP I plan to set mine and just let go and do it...

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Rachel said...

Well, I AM a bit partial as we all know, but I love the layout! Very much.