Sunday, May 07, 2006

Happy Spots

This is one of my 'happy spots'. There is nothing in the world that I enjoy more when the weather turns sunny and warm than my own swing in my own backyard. This is the view from there.

Sometimes John and I will just sit and watch the birds at the feeders that he makes sure are always full. We have regulars that feed all year long (american goldfinches), some that arrive in the spring (chickadees, house finches, & hummingbirds), and some that just pass through (swallows, woodpeckers, unknowns and Mr & Mrs. Duck- they actually fend for themselves in the ditch). We've already seen four house finches checking out the nesting boxes that John cleans out for them every year. Soon we will be watching them feed their young.

When Ian was a baby I would bring him out here to swing at night. We would listen to all the frogs in the ditch and for the distant sounds of trains passing by. Eventually he would fall asleep. Now that he is older we've enjoyed sitting out here in the evening with the tiki lamps and candles burning as we listen to Harry Potter books on CD.

Since John put the pea gravel 'patio' in for me we have spent many summer nights on the swing watching the Ian, Josh and Macs run around in the sprinklers after a barbecue and s'mores.

Even so, some of my favorite memories are of the times I spend here alone. Reading a book or one of my favorite magazines. Taking a nap. Or not quite alone- talking on the phone or with God. It's all good...

{It's the simple joys, the simple pleasures the heart remembers and dearly treasures. -Hadin Marshall}


Rachel said...

I like your happy spots too. They remind me of gramma. She'd LOVE your spots. When you gonna blog again? I keep checkin, but you're way behind! dude. I need new blogs from you!


Wackle51 said...

I visited your blog because you once visited mine and wrote expressively about your care of your mother. What beautiful pictures you capture with both words and your camera. I truly enjoyed reading your notes.

Leah said...

Hi Debbie, I wanted to thank you for posting on my blog yesterday. I really appreciate it! I enjoyed reading your blog today. Your big toe was a crack up! :o) And I just love the "happy spots". I can totally see myself sitting there with my husband and being perfectly content, wanting nothing else. Thanks again, Debbie! Have a wonderful week! Leah

Sarah said...

Lovely, lovely happy spot.