Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happiness Makers

I got to watch Josh and Macs for a couple of hours today while Rachel and Travis packed up a few more things at the old house. Never a dull moment with those two here! It was Josh's idea to stamp his tummy. Of course, Macs wanted his stamped too.

Macs saw a photo of his mom when she was six months old and thought it was of himself. Funny, 'cause a lot of people think he looks just like her.

Josh realized he didn't know my name and was surprised to find out what it is. I could tell from his reaction that he didn't think it fits me like Brown Grandma does :)

Rachel brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I think she read my last blog and was trying to cheer me up. Am I right, Rachel? Well it worked. That and the visit with my favorite three and six year olds...

{Blessed are the happiness makers- Henry Ward Beecher}


Rachel said...

OK- he's still TWO not three... but I'll let that one slide. :) I really didn't get the flowers for cheering purposes, I just saw them and thought that you would really like them like I liked them, and then as I was leaving the store, I thought, "I'm gonna get those. Just 'cause." So I am really glad that they cheered you up, but that was a side effect.

queendebbee said...

shame on me! how could i get that one wrong? especially since we almost share a bday!