Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Traditional Rug Hooking

I have been working on this "Welcome Home" wall hanging for longer than I care to admit, but I will. It has been years. But, in my defense, the only time I work on it is when I meet with the ladies of the Dyed in the Wool Rug Hookers Guild. This year I have been faithful to attend the "Hooky" group that meets once a month in the homes of different members. It has been such a blast. These ladies are so nice! This month we met at Kym's house, which is an old farm house that she and her husband have been restoring for ten years. It's amazing. I wish I were half as creative as she is! Actually, all the ladies are creative in their own ways. Me too, I guess. It's just easier for me to recognize it in others. Anyway, I have two more hooking projects in mind for when this one is done, but my main goal is to complete this one. Scrapping is my true love right now and that leaves little time for my other projects.

*note: I got interested in hooking in the fall of 2000 when I saw a project for a class at my favorite hometown store, Angels in the Attic. I took the class and was off and running from there. My dad told me he had my Grandma Lucy's old stripper somewhere in all his stuff. (I had never known she hooked! Wish I could talk to her about it...) That was the first time I could appreciate the fact that he saved everything and moved it all here when they moved from California in 1982. His tumor appeared not long after he found the stripper. Needless to say, that put an end to my interest in hooking for quite some time.


Rachel said...

My mom IS very creative. I am proud to say that any bit of creativity I have came from her. From her family. My grandma was creative. I bet she got it from her mom. My grampa was creative. I grew up with creative. I gues that could have discouraged me from trying to BE creative. It didn't. My mom is not only creative, she has the gift of being able to help YOU be creative. Queen Debbee is MY mom. One day my boys will realise that they are creative, and tell someone like you, "My mom is creative. My GRAMMA is creative. I got my creative from her."

Blogger said...
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