Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tag, I'm it!

Well, not really me. And not just me. Actually, anyone who reads Kelli Crowe's blog sight and wants to be it is it. So, here are my 5 things:

In my closet:
overnight suitcase (for short trips)
small fire safe box (for passport & other important papers)
1 dozen confetti filled eggs (that were supposed to be for the grandkids on easter, but it rained so we had to hunt indoors, so i'll save 'em for a sunny day)
laptop travel case
a pair of really cool 4" heels for Red Hat meetings (that i will never wear because i've never worn heels. what was i thinking?!)

In my car:
favorite CD's
headset for phone (so i can talk with my hands free while driving)
booster seat (for my grandson, josh)
2 cups of melted ice (from lunch @ taco time with my grandson, ian)

In my purse:
cell phone
mini journal for random me class @ bigpicturescrapbooking
pencil & pens
calendar (to keep track of my oh-so-busy schedule)
handy dandy notepad (to keep track of my oh-so-forgetful mind)

In my fridge:
jones green apple soda (for ian)
betty crocker whipped butter cream frosting (for my sweet tooth)
six hard boiled eggs (fresh from the farm. yum...)
feta cheese

No tivo, so, 5 fave shows:
what not to wear
wife swapp

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