Thursday, April 27, 2006

Can't Wait to Do This

I found this Spanish proverb in the new Close to MY Heart Idea Book and just love it.

hOw beAuTifUl iT iS TO
dO nOThIng,
And Then reST afTerwArd!

I love it because: #1. I'm half Spanish. And #2. That may explain why I am so good at doing nothing and needing a nap when I'm done. Trouble is, I've really been wanting to do just that ever since I read it, but, I've been way too busy. Soon, maybe, soon...

I FINALLY finished reorganizing my scrap/former school room so I could put away all the cool scrapbook stuff I've been collecting but had no room for. Now I can actually start scrapping again. I've done a little bit now and then. But mostly, I've just been collecting. Feeling too overwhelmed. Where to begin? What do I REALLY want to accomplish when I scrap? What are my priorities? Scrapping time is too precious to waste... I'm having a hard time getting those creative juices flowing again. Stacy Julian's book, thebigpicture, was helpful. And blog-surfing. And starting my own blog. Now it is time to practice another proverb I love. This one is Korean: to begin is half the battle.......Guess it's time to begin!

But first, another thing I've been wanting to do is to daily jot down a few of the things I am grateful for. God is so good to me. I need to focus on all my "haves" instead of my "have nots" So here are a few for today:

Spring is here and the sun is actually shining!

This is the third day in a row that I've gotten up early.
(that's close to a miracle for this "morning challenged" night owl)

I don't have to worry about where my next meal will come from
(or the next, or the next...)

My husband still loves me even though I spend way too much $ on scrap stuff
(note to self: use more/spend less)

I have all afternoon to play with my scrap stuff...

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Elly said...

ahh yes it is true.
to begin IS half the battle. I've been trying to get started cleaning my scrap area for two days now. ::sigh:: I'll get to it.... eventually LOL I dare you to post before and after pictures. I'll do it if you do it!