Friday, April 28, 2006

Big Hairy Deal

I can't believe I'm letting ya'll see this. My hairy big toe. Toes actually. They are both hairy. They all have a little, as you can see, but only the big ones bother me. They didn't used to. I'd never even noticed they are hairy until a few years ago. Maybe that's when they got hairy. Whatever. They are hairy now.

I don't think about them in the fall or winter much. They are safely hidden in my shoes. But when it's spring and sandals time it's time to get out the razor and shave those suckers. Which brings me to today and this picture.

I was in the shower this morning thinking, I need to shave my legs cause it's gonna be 80 degrees today and the rest of the week. Yipee! It's time to bring out the caprice and sandals. That's when I remember I better shave The Toes too. And that is when all these random thoughts start bouncing around in my brain: you sure do have ugly big toes. yeah, but the little ones are cute. except the nails. i have a thing about those too. they have to be short. very short... i sure hope john remembers he promised to keep 'em short for me if i can't someday... my feet are boxy. i like that... it's not just the hair, the surgery didn't help the way the big guys look either. no. but at least i can shave 'em... oh! i need to blog this. what should the title be? hairy big toes- the movie? random thoughts from the shower? big hairy deal? i could even get a before and after picture of 'em... i should put this in my random me from a to z book too. after all, future generations deserve to know why they are so crazy!

So there you have it. Too much information? Probably for you. But the more I scrap the more I am aware of the things I wish I knew about my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.
Do I need to know if they had hairy big toes? Probably not. But I wouldn't mind. In fact, now that they are all gone I cherish every memory and little bit of information I do have about them and long for more. No matter how trivial. Posted by Picasa



while i was posting the big hairy deal deal the mail lady came. i just now opened the box and there was my copy of Freestyle that i ordered wednesday from 2peas. i can't believe it's here already. i'm definitely ordering from them again. and guess what i'll be reading every spare minute i get today?...

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Elly said...

OMG Debbie this had me laughing so hard! Just imagining you thinking about your toes in the shower.... ahhh.... I needed that. I too. have hairy toes. It runs in the family but skipped my mom :P I remember seeing stubble on my aunts to once and I just thought... that's wierd... and now... that's me! eek! I thought I'd share with YOU since you were so brave to share with everyone :D